Finding Your Center, Finding Your Calm.

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Over the past few years I have gone through an emotional ride when it came to being and staying in the real estate industry. I started in 2005 and well, it was a shaky time to say the least. I had such a great support system from my mom, boyfriend and friends that whenever I felt deflated or overwhelmed, their faith in me helped me to weather those stormy times. But it was difficult at times....

Depending on what was going on that day- Buyer's just got pre-approved and we are looking at homes today (YEAH!) to- Buyer's made offer but we missed the deal to another offer (BOO!) to- Seller accepted our offer (YEAH!) to- major issues with the home inspections that almost busted the deal (BOO!)...and the highs and lows they go....and boy, did they run my ragged- but I was new and I was still learning. Some days my heart would break when something fell apart and other days I was so happy to have earned my commission! I took things personally sometimes because I was yet trained to understand that you can't please them all, but do your very, very best and when the end of the day comes- leave it be until the next day. I would bring "my work home". I would roll it over and over in my head on what happened, what went wrong (well, of course this is if or when something went wrong). Yet, the times when I had an absolutely stellar day or week for that matter, I took it for granted and neglected to pat myself on the back. Again, my huge support group usually did a great job of that for me...Why are we so hard on ourselves? I don't do that anymore.

It's 2009 and I am singing a little Gloria Gaynor...."I will survive, as long as I know how to love I know I will survive". Anyway, it's true- I made it, but more importantly, I made it with peace in my life. I started to really look at situations more slowly but with a quick reaction, once I figure out what that should be. I was able to stop trying to literally, bend over backwards so my back was breaking. It's okay to make your client to a little leg work for themselves. It helps to weed out those who are truly serious to those that "just want to look". I learned things like:

1. If you don't know, tell them so- but also tell them that you will find out the answer or at least a resource that can direct us. Then...find the source and get back to them.

2. If you don't genuinely like your clients- don't do business with them. It doesn't mean one person is bad or wrong over another, but simply put- different strokes, for different folks. Be true to your intuition.

3. Pre-approval, Pre-approval, Pre-approval !

4. Set boundaries for work, family and god.

5. Never give up....there are so many people that really need your gift.

Thank you for reading my post and allowing me to express myself. Any thoughts are comments are greatly appreciated.

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