'What if I don't want a 3-day right to cancel?'

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For the majority of the closings that I do there is a 3-day right to rescind.  Most borrowers welcome this opportunity to have a chance to review the documents, get answers to questions, resolve any problems, ... etc.

impatientHowever, not all borrowers want to wait 3 days.

I hear it often. 'I've come this far. I have no intention of canceling.' or, 'With this interest rate, there's no way I'm going to cancel.' Etc.



That's not for me to decide. I'm 'just a notary'.  What I would tell the borrower is that they should contact their loan officer regardng any questions or concerns that they have about their loan.

What the borrower may find out is that, there are closing instructions from the lender which state:

rescission period may not be waived


In that case, hammock... just relax. It's only 3 days.







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