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Just Another Reason to Have a Great Health Insurance Policy

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With the recent outbreak of the swine flu virus, it's important to remind ourselves that we must always be prepared for unexpected illnesses. This goes especially for families with children who go to school or for those who work closely with the public.

Flu viruses are nothing new, they just don't all receive the same attention that the swine flu is getting. Because illnesses such as these are all around us all of the time, having a good health insurance policy in place is crucial.

When you have a flu, you want relief. You will go to the doctor - insurance or none - and ask for medicine. Antibiotics without health insurance can sometimes cost up in the hundreds, plus the expense of doctor visits.

Having a good health insurance policy means that you're paying only a small fraction of what you would be paying without it. It doesn't stop with illnesses; it goes for injuries and other emergencies as well. If you have a family and everyone has a flu, the antibiotics and doctor visits could take a giant chunk from your wallet.

Our independent insurance agency finds the right health insurance policy for you. For more information on health insurance, contact us today! We're Altman Insurance, based in Olympia, Washington. We also offer a free health insurance quote!