H 1. Swine Flu. Pandemic Flu Preparedness Information and website about Flu

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H 1. Swine Flu. Pandemic Flu Preparedness Information and website about Flu
Read more: "H 1. Swine Flu. Pandemic Flu Preparedness Information and website about Flu - realestatelady's posterous" -http://realestatelady.posterous.com/h-1-swine-flu-pandemic-flu-preparedness-infor#ixzz0EE61mtmU&A


TTips on staying healthy with the swine flu going around. Fort Worth ISD , Hebron Creek Elementary in LISD Texas closed until May 8th.

It is not a matter of if but when for us as well. 

The H1n1 flu virus (swine flu) is a fast spreading flu bug that attacks younger and older people the hardest.  I was given these tips  recently and want all of you to have them.  Emergency preparedness fair.  Discussing in detail emergency plan and teaching your families how to be prepared. 

Basic Tips family should gather to prepare for a Pandemic situation:

 1. At least 2 weeks of food, water and other basic household supplies. (Three months is better as the flu can take that long to work through a family of several members.)  If a Pandemic erupts the best way to protect your family is self-quarantine (i.e. Don't go out around other people!).  If your family is self-sufficient you have the luxury of that option.  If you are unprepared, you will put your family at risk! 

2. Food and drinks that are helpful during illnesses (or preferred by your family) such as soups, juices, crackers, popsicles, straws, etc. 

 3. A supply of prescription drugs that you may need to insure a continuous supply without needing to leave the house. 

4. Non-prescription drugs useful for the flu (pain & fever reducers, stomach remedies, anti-diarrheal medication, cough syrups, etc.) 

5. Fluids or mixes with electrolytes to prevent dehydration. 

6. Vitamins to keep family members healthy. 

7. Anti-bacterial wipes and/or hand sanitizers. 

8. Medical gloves and N-95 face masks.  While any face mask is helpful, N-95s provide protection from fluids and small particles and fit better against the face.  Look for them in the first aid and hardware sections. 

9. Paper plates, cups, utensils, etc.  Not only can this help prevent the spread of germs but it can also ease the burdens of an overwhelmed care-taker! 

10. Paper towels, toilet paper, tissues.  Think more than normal use quantities! (up to 50% more!) While one box of tissues may last all summer, think how fast they go when someone is sick! 

11. Large plastic trash bags. Normal household trash quantities may increase due to contaminated materials. 

12. Dish and laundry soaps, BLEACH and other disinfecting cleaning supplies. 

13. Extra sheets, bedding, night clothes.  (A lot of these will be needed with fever and/or vomiting.) 

14. Savings/Finances. Plan if you were unable to work or if your place of employment shut down. 

Other actions you can take to prepare and keep you family healthy. Many of these ideas could be discussed in a Family Home Evening! 

1. Take a vitamin daily and get adequate sleep... in other words, keep yourself healthy.

2. Teach and Practice good hand hygiene (WASH OFTEN) and sneeze/cough etiquette.

3. Teach and Practice disinfection of bathrooms, sinks, floors, doorknobs and light switches and disinfect all surfaces weekly. During illness, disinfect bathroom surfaces daily. 

4. Prepare a room that can be turned into an isolation room with bathroom if possible

5. Teach family members isolation techniques and how to cook soups and soft foods. 

6. Teach all family members to be caregivers.  (What happens if mom is the one who is sick?)  During the 1918 pandemic, caregivers died at the same rate as the general population so proper caregiver training is important. 

7. Have a plan of action if schools and/or places of business are closed.

8. Stay away from those who are sick and STAY HOME if you are sick!  Patients can be contagious/shedding virus for up to 10 days! 

Websites with more information:








Good reason to promote the Stake Emergency Communications Drills as Family Radios prevent dangerous face-to-face contact in a Pandemic!  Encourage all families to have a radio and participate in the drills.

Suzy Britz the Real Estate Lady provides tips and information for ALL! 

RE/MAX DFW www.myhomedfw.com . www,myhomedfw.net


Check with Doctors office if you have flu like symptoms!

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Read more: "H 1. Swine Flu. Pandemic Flu Preparedness Information and website about Flu - realestatelady's posterous" -http://realestatelady.posterous.com/h-1-swine-flu-pandemic-flu-preparedness-infor#ixzz0EE8kzkR0&A

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Paige Fenimore
Stewart Title Company - Fort Worth, TX

I just heard today that a superintendant of a local large school system has the swine flu. seems like it just keeps on coming!

Sep 15, 2009 08:33 AM
Renée Donohue~Home Photography
Savvy Home Pix - Allegan, MI
Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer

Just stopping by to say hello and hope all is well Suzy!

Sep 22, 2009 02:58 PM