Ideas to stand out from the crowd

Home Stager with The Model Home Look

This has to be the best year to be a real estate agent!

Yes, this is a tough market, but isn't it great to weed out the bad agents.  I find it refreshing to deal with the true professionals who are committed to the industry.  Those of us who continue will be in a great position as the market recovers.

With that said, I am curious to know how many active agents are supplementing their income, or started a new business to survive the down market? 

I think I have tapped into something that others might find interesting.

As you know, 90% of listings require some type of repair.  Simple things like new paint, granite countertops, carpet cleaning and other minor repairs.  Because of this, I started a business of fixing up my clients homes into a full blown kitchen & bathroom remodeling business, The Model Home Look ( 

Again, I am curious to know if others have found opportunity to supplement their incomes in this market.  

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