Mansfield, Missouri -- A Time of Roots

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I need roots -- literally. Richard plans to build his dream home, but we know that will be delayed by the Straw Bale Project. But, I cannot continue to live as a temporary person. I have pets buried on these three acres and about 30 little trees that we've 'rescued' and potted. It is time to get a life!

Fortunately, this week, the tree thing has been a team project. Richard has tried valiantly to get a sassafras thicket going, but only one has survived. And we put some native cedar juveniles into holes abandoned by other evergreens between us and the highway. Monday night, he took the tractor and dug 15 major holes (do not walk the dog over there after dark). Seven of them are the proud new location of redbuds, hawthornes, sassafras and maple babies. Their 'cribs' were immediately filled with oak, wild cherry and redbuds.

I didn't know that the brushy honeysuckle that I enjoy so much is considered a noxious weed by some. I have one carefully cultured in a pot having rescued it from a crack in the sidewalk.

Last year was a good year for tree seeds and we have infant walnuts, maples, boxelders, oaks, butternuts, and elms sprouting EVERY where. After spending many years in the Western high desert country, the sight of these babies just is overwhelming. They cannot continue right in the sidewalks and super close to the foundations. I just wish all of those mimosa seeds would sprout.

JudyAnn Lorenz, PREVA     Autumn Maple


JudyAnn Lorenz PREVAAce & His Mimosa


 The Ozarks are hard to beat for green beauty after a rain.  This year has been encouraging for rain.  SW Missouri is definitely a land of four seasons.

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