Mansfield, Missouri -- What was good about the telephone's being down?

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It was pretty frustrating to have to shift into neutral on Monday afternoon when the telephones and DSL went capoot for a couple hours.

I called the telephone company to lodge a report/complaint. They seemed pretty sure it was ME and had me go around unplugging my phones and checking in the house. Then the recommendation ramped up to going outside to check the box on the house. I finally figured out that I would have to use my handy dandy screw driver to get the cover off of the box outside. Cover off, I was definitely not going to think INSIDE this box! There was supposed to be a jack that I could plug a phone into. I called them back and said what does this jack look like? I can't see anything but stuff that looks like "KEEP YOUR BIG FINGERS OFF!" The lady was very understanding about my position that I believed this problem WASN'T me and if I took the contents of the box apart, I would only be adding to the landslide of problems. She said if I had made it that far I had done my share and yes, don't take anything more apart.

But, the GOOD thing was the little salamander/lizard guy that got himself into the rainwater pan which Richard had emptied onto a new tree the night before. The little guy couldn't scrabble himself a foothold to get out. If the telephone hadn't gone down and I hadn't been assigned to check the box, I wouldn't have found him. I wouldn't have tipped the pan so he could get away and go eat bugs off my hostas. He would have been baked salamander in the rainwater pan. And that was what was good about the phone going down.

I don't know his name, but he's about 5 inches long and dark colored when he peaks out at me from between the rocks.

Salamanders and Lizards are major wildlife dwellers in Missouri. The Ozark Hellbender is a quiet water creature that is on the endangered list for some rivers and creeks.   The Nature Conservancy  -- Ozarks hellbender

Missouri has a rich environment that spans several soil, geological and wildlife types, large and small.  When you make your home in Missouri, get ready for some good company

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