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10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Using Facebook with Active Rain

Reblogger Deidre St. Romain
Real Estate Agent with Realty ONE Group

Great Post!  Thanks.  I have benefitted from finding and keeping in touch w/my clients, past clients and sphere.  Just to keep in touch and post things about my business gets others excited too.

Original content by Lynda Hester

A couple of months ago I posted a blog extolling the virtues of using Facebook in addition to Active Rain.  While most blog posts seem to get a few comments when first posted, this post continues to have Active Rain members leave comments and ask questions. 

One commenter asked for tips about using Facebook.  Thirty minutes later, the reply to him had turned into a blog that may have value to other Active Rain members.

Here are 10 good Facebook tips: 

1. In order to reach the most people in the shortest amount of time with the least work, go ahead and let the site use your address book to send invitations to your sphere of influence to join.  That will get you started quickly.

2.  As you acquire 'friends', take a look through their list of friends and send requests to the people you find there who are also people you know.

3.  When you send a friend request to someone, take the time to include a personal note.  A short note is fine.

4.  Start new groups for people who have common interests.  I started one for members of my college sorority who were there in the years from when I was a freshman till I graduated.  That encompassed 3 years before and 3 years behind me - 7 years of women who are now scattered all over the US.  Many are successful business people.  One is the relocation director of a sizeable real estate company in North Carolina.  Hopefully, we'll be able to do business soon.  I hadn't heard from her in 36 years!!  Without Facebook, I might never have been in contact with her again!

5.  Do start both a personal and a business page.  I did just the one page first and later found a need for the business site, too. That page was just recently started and you can 'become a fan' by visiting 'Luxury Mountain Lakes Real Estate' on Facebook.  (Let me know when you start your business page and I'll become a fan of yours!)

6.  Please do not enter everything you are doing every day.  I have already had to block 4 'friends' who were wearing me out with their numerous posts about their daily activities.  Nobody cares whether you are going to the gym every day or not or if you are off to teach yoga again or play tennis or whatever. 

7.  On the other hand, if you get a new listing or have a closing, share your news.  Your real estate friends will leave comments that are supportive and encouraging!  We all need that!

8.  If you are working in real estate and using Facebook for networking, try to steer clear of the 'Egg Hunts' or the many 'quizzes'.  There is no end to the number of items you can 'send' to your friends, but I quickly found those to be annoying and time consuming, so now when I get a request to 'enjoy a drink' or to 'send a smile', I click on 'ignore' and go forward using the site mainly for business.

9.  If you get a 'friend' request from someone you don't know, it is best to decline the request.  Sometimes, other people who are 'friends' of my real 'friends' send me requests.  Again, I learned the hard way that it is better for me to really know the person who makes the request.  I don't have to know them personally, but I stick to those I know through various networks or who I have met on Active Rain.

10.  The number of friends you amass on Facebook has no correlation to the number of friends in your life.  My daughter shared with me that the 20's crowd uses a derogatory term when referring to someone who spends every day on Facebook in an effort to collect more and more 'friends'.  If you wonder what it is, send me a message and I'll share it with you. 

Lynda Hester
Prudential Georgia Realty - Rabun County, Ga. - Clayton, GA

Well Deidre, THANK YOU!!! What a compliment to have you repost my blog.  I have read the question about 'Will you allow re-posting' and I always check 'yes' because it seemed like the thing to do, but I never thought someone really WOULD repost one of my blogs.

You are my new best friend!!!

Thanks again!!


May 02, 2009 03:03 AM