Congress and College Football

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Yesterday, May 1, congress decided it was time to "tackle" the issue of the college football bowl system.  Again, congress is debating the BCS on the tax payers dime.  STOP WASTING OUR MONEY CONGRESS!

It is my opinion that the BCS is not perfect however I understand that this is the most profitable for the colleges and a playoff would be very hard.  These are student athletes, that's why they don't play the bowl games right after the regular season ends.  These students need time to study for finals just like every other student.  For congress to debate this issue is ridiculous.  It's free enterprise so colleges should be free to arrange the bowl system any way they want and TV and bowl contracts are in place until 2014. 

Just one more case of big government reaching out to get bigger and more controlling.

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It wasn't congress that wasted our money, it was that moron Barton!  What an idiot!  If you saw the hearing, no one showed up!

May 02, 2009 10:23 AM