Change is good!

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Well, I did it...I made a positive change in my Real Estate career.  It was such a big decision and believe me not one I took to lightly.  It was in two stages.  

 First I formed a Team with one of the best Agents in Orchard Park NY.  Nancy Reimann.  Wow, her energy is unsurpassed and a great compliment to my business style.  A graduate of Syracuse University with a degree from the very reputable School of Communication, she "gets" the marketing side of business.  AS for me and my degree in Chemical Engineering, I keep it all in order and moving forward.  Wouldn't you want a team like that representing your real estate transaction.  Plus she is so much fun to work with.  We find time everyday to just belt out a good laugh.  That keeps you "sane" :). 

Second we Joined  Just the perfect amount of support to get this team steaming down the track to success. Plus be open minded to all of our new ideas.  Before I joined I was always so impressed with RUSA's marketing team.  I took notice of all their great ad campaigns and was impressed(I know I used that word again but it tells it all) with how they can say it all in three words or less.  They have great creative minds spinning over there.  I am so looking forward to brain storming with them.  Of course, The management team and agents in Orchard Park are the best in the Southtowns.

Do I seem like I am beaming with joy!!! Well I am.  I have so much work to do, changing everything...I mean everything...but it is that bright future I see ahead of me that gives me the enthusiasm to press on.  And so I am.  I will keep you updated with my progress. 

Kathi Holder

The Holder-Reimann Team


Ryan Shaughnessy
PREA Signature Realty - - Saint Louis, MO
Broker/Attorney - Your Lafayette Square Real Estate Partner

Congratulations on the new team...  My business partner and I work as a team.  Although we have very different work and management styles, we work well together because we have complimentary skills.  Our relationship is based on trust and communication.  We are in constant communication and use a virtual network so information on files is available in real time.  I wish you success with the new team.

Jun 25, 2009 02:27 PM