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Is East Austin the Place To Be?

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Interstate 35 (I-35) has for years been a somewhat polarizing line through the middle of Austin.  Many Austin residents were told that "You don't want to live east of the interstate".  It was considered much less desirable than neighborhoods to the west. 

Today, my how the things have changed.  East Austin is one of the city's hottest residential real estate markets.  Cherrywood or French Place was really the first neighborhood where untainted souls began settling and gentrifying about a decade ago.  I bought a home there almost 4 years ago and wish I'd gotten there sooner when prices were just downright cheap.  Manor road has become the new "restaurant row" of Austin with establishments such as El Gringo, Vivo, Hoovers, Mi Madre's, East Side Cafe, El Chile and it's smaller takeout sibling El Chilito. 

The new Mueller redevelopment of Austin's old airport has caused even more interest in the eastside.  In fact, their first round of homes have been so in demand that they had to create a lottery system to see who would be able to buy one.  The application for round one just closed on April 30th and the applicants are anxiously watching their inboxes to see who will be selected by the independent accounting firm hired by the developer, Catellus.  The first homes are scheduled to hit the ground in December of 2007, but judging by what I see when I drive by every day, I'd guess Q1 of 08 would be a more likely date to shoot for.  For those unlucky enough not to make round one, phase 2 should be quickly following by early summer. 

If you haven't seen it, check out their website at http://www.muelleraustin.com/ .  Of course, if you'd like to buy there, we would be honored to help you out.  As is normally the case, our commission is paid by the builder, so getting representation on the transaction would cost you nothing out of pocket. 

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Boy, I wish I'd bought when we lived in Cherrywood in . . . hmmm, must have been 1974 or so.   However, French Place was already then (or shortly thereafter) beginning to feel the first twinges of gentrification.  A house here, a house there, just the teensiest little hint of what was to come, by people who would have liked to live in Hyde Park but couldn't afford to.  Sweetish Hill, in the lovely old house on the hill overlooking downtown from the east, was also a forerunner of things to come.   Good to see it happening - there are some lovely old houses over there that deserved to be rescued. 


May 30, 2007 08:42 AM