A Dream Come True

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I became a real estate broker after 27 years as a registered nurse.  Real estate has always had some fascination for me. As a child my father rented out rooms in various apartments we lived in. My father purchased his first piece of land when I was 17 years old.  Before I had a chance to enjoy it or grow something on it he sold for 4 times what he paid for it. So it only made sense that real estate would have a place in my world.

I toiled as a residential sales associate on the east coast, doing rentals and single family new construction.  The past 4 years I have been originating loans, buying, selling and renovatiing single family and rental property.

As a nurse I have enjoyed taking meticulous care of people burdened by injury and illness. People make some very difficult desicions when in the hospital and the outcomes are not always desireable. Even with health insurance the expense is great.

Purchasing a home is also one of the biggest desicions and purchases a person may make in their healthy life. In both cases you would want a professional, someone with knowledge and experience.  A guide, one who will negotiate, advocate and  assist you in the management of your purchase.

Purchasing a home is like a dream come true.  A wish, a desire that has maybe been a long time in coming. A home is purchased for the individual, the couple, the kids, the parents, the grand parents, the friends. There will be holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and a host of other memories shared.

Whether you are buying or selling your real estate, refinancing or looking for your first mortgage you will want a professional.  Someone who will help and support your obtaining that dream of homeownership.


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Joanne O'Donnell
Chic Home Interiors - Oakland, CA

Lynn, with an attitude like yours, I bet you take really good care of your clients.  My former career was recruiting and I often say it is similar to staging (my real estate contribution) in that what we do has such a profound impact on one of the most important experiences in our clients lives.  A good experience or a bad experience can effect the rest of their lives, it is a sacred trust.  Your clients are lucky!

May 06, 2009 05:11 PM
Lynn Bratchett
Broker Lic #01859798 - Oakland, CA
Community Realty Property Management

Thank you for your comment Joanne.  Yes a sacred trust is an excellent way of putting it.  Recognizing the influence we as professionals have on clients and the public at large, yes has a profound impact and brings honor to the ones we serve and to ourselves. We are role models for the human race in everything we do and the service we provide.

May 07, 2009 02:07 PM
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