St. Martin

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Always wanted to learn about St. Martin, but wasn't sure who to ask?  Well, luckily, Viscape has reviews from people who have been there.  Just read about this member's experience!


St. Maarten is a medium-size Caribbean island, divided into a French side and a Dutch side. You don’t have to stop at a customs station to cross from one side to the other. The island itself is rocky and hilly, covered with lush tropical vegetation. This usually would indicate frequent rainstorms, but the locals tell me that it doesn’t really rain much except in September, so there’s lots of reliable sunshine. Other than the many modern hotels and resorts, the Dutch side of the island is seems a bit shabby and run-down. Streets are narrow and barely maintained. This is in striking contrast to the French side, which seems cleaner, has fewer hotels and resorts, and smoother, wider roads. The beaches are typically clean and lovely, and you can’t beat the combination of Dutch and French cuisine: Delicious cheeses and pastries, excellent restaurants. And best of all, Heineken is everywhere.

~ By Sherlockhomeboy


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