How The Stimulus Plan Helps You Buy a South Jersey Home

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The new stimulus plan has given many people new hope for their housing futures. At first, many worried that the stimulus package would merely help the banks and other financial institutions and not the actual homeowner looking to buy a South Jersey home.  But, it has become clear that the people who really win with the new plan are those who are counted as -prospective home buyers.

Stimulus for Banks and Buyers
The stimulus package provides huge tax rebates in 2009, and while that is a limited provision, the savings are enormous for those who get out there and buy a new South Jersey home. The fact that the stimulus plan includes relief for the struggling financial industry also helps buyers by making it more likely they will be able to obtain loans. 

Stimulus for Luxury Properties
The stimulus package gives the two major government mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac more power and allows for larger loans for higher priced properties. That is a big incentive if you're looking to buy in a major metropolitan area because you will now be able to get a loan secured by Fannie or Freddie.

The economic boost from the stimulus package will require a little time to really become apparent, but it is working, even now.  Slowly the market is rebounding and new home buyers are able to take advantage of loans and tax incentives while getting houses at prices that are extraordinarily low.
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