Are you "choosing" to Perform?

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Imagine yourself with the ability to set goals and accomplish them.  Imagine if anything you ever wanted or wanted to do was attainable if you could just flip a switch and it could be done.  Have you ever looked at other people who seemed to succeed so easily, everything just seems to fall in place for them?  Have you ever seen other people who just seem to always be getting the wrong side of the stick?  Do you ever find yourself somewhere in between?  Have you had success in some areas but then also seemed to try so hard in other areas but just could not produce the results you wanted? 

Our lives are busier now than at any point in our history.  Between multi-tasking, working several jobs, keeping up with phone calls, emails, family, friends  etc. – everything that we do everyday we do so much more of it than at any point in the past.  And you can be sure that in the future, we will all probably be doing even more! 

Yet in the middle of all this activity, is everything that we are doing every minute of the day all being directed into the right areas of our life so as to support all of our goals and desires?  Or are we just reacting to most of the stimulus around us and just getting by in order to keep up with the world around us?  Have we even really stopped for a moment to consider any of these types of questions?  Is the way we live our lives today the only way to live? 

Consider yourself for a moment similar to a player on a football team, a baseball team, or as an actor, an actress, or a musician, or any number of individuals who the rest of us see and judge them by the measure of their performance.   When someone who performs turns in a weak performance, not only does the individual suffer by not doing their best, but so does the show or the team or the group.  There is an intrinsic pressure on the performer to give their very best at all times.

Now consider yourself as a performer in your own life.  How is your performance?  Are you satisfied with where you are at?  Do you have goals you are trying to reach right now?  Will you reach your goals if you keep doing what you are doing right now?

Most importantly -   Are your goals unrealistic or are they just unattainable if you continue to turn in the same past performance?

Many of us have demonstrated varying levels of success in life and most all of us can agree that we are never quite as successful as we want to be. There is always room for improvement.

The problem is that if we simply turn in the same performance week in and week out and do nothing to create and transform behaviors that are more focused on our goals, we have little chance of getting lucky enough to create such an improvement in our life that we can say it was a result of any spectacular effort of our own. True, we might bump into the right opportunity at the right time and know enough to turn it into something great, but how many times has that already happened to us and so how more times can we simply depend upon hoping for a better result?

This is about being on our best possible “A” game consistently over time. It’s about recognizing those moments when we slip down a notch so we can quickly regain our best stance. It’s about wanting to achieve results, committing toward achieving those results, and doing what is necessary to achieve those results by re-prioritizing the energy we spend on tasks and behaviors that either support those results or eliminate and minimize energy that works against those results.

As you begin, you'll find there are less and less excuses as to why goals aren’t being met because you can quickly identify the root behaviors that are holding you back and then you can make a choice to continue that behavior or not. No longer is failure an unexpected result of “trying” to's a choice.

Are you choosing to perform?

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Amanda Wilson
EWM International Realtors, Inc. - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Real Estate Advisor

Marc, I really appreciate your post....It is about performing, but perhaps in new ways--thinking out side the box--exploring and learning and relearning new ways of performance!

May 05, 2009 02:38 AM