wouldn't it be more profitable to refer?

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everyday i check the expired listings and i wonder....WHY AREN'T AGENTS JUST REFERRING!!! AGENT OUTSOURCING is what i call it. if i have a client that is not selling for whatever reason be it price, my inventory is so big that i can't give the appropriate attention needed to get listing sold...whatever the case may be, wouldn't it be more profitable for me to have a network of other agents to just refer the work to instead of loosing a client? isn't it better to get the referral commission then get none? i'm not understanding. maybe i'm just fairly new and haven't yet grasped realtor psychology..but it makes sense to me. maybe me and my client's personalities don't mix and we dont speak the same language and someone else might be a better fit for them...i think the market would be in a much better position we saw the quality and finding a better match for our client's and taking some of the pay in regards to none. so what's the number one reason listings expire?
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Bettina Clairmont
Bettina Clairmont - San Francisco, CA

It's definitely a great way to get a referral fee. I'm wondering whether some client might just not want anything to do with the listing agent who couldn't get their home sold? Or maybe some listing agents are just fed up with the client, because the reason the home didn't sell is because the sellers wouldn't drop the price? There can be so many reasons why a listing expires and the agent isn't referring to another office.

May 24, 2007 03:20 AM
Abraham Chaffin
Sand Shell Realty - Cambria, CA
Cambria Real Estate
Great idea dee - I'd say this would be where you get an assistant. Unless the property is out of the area - I find that properties out of the area are better to refer out - saves you time and like you said, the property might even sell if it is marketed right.
May 24, 2007 03:24 AM
Dee Neal
Palmer House Properties - Alpharetta, GA
Atlanta Area Real Estate

Bettina: Speaking from a service perspective, i think that if we  are paying attention to our client's we can identify issues before the seller gets fed up with us and decide it is better to let them know they will get someone who can assist them better and yes sometimes the agent can't get the seller to drop the price but they may know someone who is a better fit to communicate with the client that could get them to drop their price and it would benefite the seller because their home gets sold, the current listing agent because he/she earns a referral fee, and the referred agent gets new business. i think that when we get to a point where the seller is "getting on our nerves" or we realize that we are spending time and money on a listing that isn't selling....it's time to let it go and give it to someone who CAN get it done. i tell my clients that if i'm not doing my job, they can fire but be sure that i will quickly identify and resolve the issue by giving it to someone else better suited for the job before they have a chance to be pissed at me. it's been my experience in any arena, not just real estate, that clients are more flexible when their service providers are proactive and provide solutions to issues before they have a chance to complain about them...


May 24, 2007 03:43 AM