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I am going to take just a minute to explain something to consumers that I think will clear up a lot of confusion.   When you decide you want to buy a house, you go through the normal steps (Get pre-qualified, search for homes on the Internet, etc...).  Then you will ask; how do I see all the homes for sale?  Is it safe to assume I can see everything on the real estate market on my computer?  The answer to these questions is the Phoenix Arizona MLS.  If you are searching for homes in Phoenix Arizona most real estate agents subscribe to ARMLS (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service), or MLS.  This is a computer database that allows real estate agents to market homes they have for sale to other real estate agents.  Well the good news is most real estate agents (like me allow consumers to search the Phoenix Arizona MLS in the comfort of their own home on the Realtors Website. 

Normal questions I hear: 

Does the MLS on your website show just your properties, or every agent's property for sale?
The MLS shows every real estate agents property that subscribes to ARMLS for the most part.  Most full time active real estate agent subscribes to MLS.  There are some brokers that do not allow their homes to show on consumer MLS feeds, which you can see, but that's why you should have a realtor.  In most cases you are safe to say you are seeing the entire market on your MLS feed that you are using.

Should I pay for the MLS?
No you should not pay to view the MLS.

Do foreclosures show on the MLS?
Yes, when a bank decides to use a Real estate agent the agent must submit the MLS sheet showing proof the agent has put it on MLS.  It is in every seller's best interest to utilize the MLS.

Does the MLS show Pre-Foreclosures?
Yes, if the property is for sale, listed by a Realtor that subscribes to MLS.

What is a Plano or listing?
They are one in the same.  Plano and listing is the terminology used by real estate agents to describe the information sheet for an individual home.

If it says active on the MLS does it mean I can buy it?
Good question.  Yes and no.  The information on the MLS is only as good as the real estate agent that enters it into the system.  So in the event that a Realtor has not updated that a house has sold, and you look at the home without making contact with the Listing agent first, you may be falling in love with something you can't have.  Get where I am going with this?  Do not assume because it says active you can get, call your Realtor and have them pre-screen your homes. 

Can I still buy a home if it says Pending?
Usually not, you can submit a back up offer to the seller, but once it is pending it is in escrow to sell.  You should keep your eyes on the home to see if it falls out of escrow.  In that case it should also say back on the market.

 I hope this little bit of information helps home buyers.  It is a great system that has recently changed so Realtors can now do many different things to help you buy a home.  If you have any questions please call or email anytime. 

More Questions.  Answered about the Phoenix Arizona MLS Below.

Are there ways for my Realtor to set up a custom MLS Search.
Yes.  Your Realtor can in fact set up a search that only shows you what you want to see.  This is a great tool because instead of having to juggle around with a search function every time you want to view homes you can have a link sent to you that shows your detailed search. 

Can I put my house for sale on the Phoenix Arizona MLS without using a Realtor.
The quick answer is no, but there are agencies out there that will only charge a fee to put your home on MLS and you do not have to actually pay them a commission.  The MLS is used to network homes for sale so once again it is important to use it. 

What if there is something that is not true on the Home for sale?
Good question.  I have not seen many intentional mistakes on the MLS.  But if you see something that is wrong you should contact your Realtor and let them know, out of courtesy they should let the listing agent know.  If it is a violation it can be filed with the ARMLS.  Remember mistakes happen, also agents do things sometimes that will seem misleading; like show a house active when it is not, but they are just waiting for addendum's to come back from the buyers in a lot of cases.  TALK WITH A REALTOR! 

A house is on the MLS but does not have a sign infront of it can I see the home?
Some agents do not put a sign up, and sometimes signs get stolen.  In any event you should talk to your Realtor about seeing a home before even driving by it to ensure it is something you can buy.  There is value to using a buyer agent even before you write an offer because they will help you pre-screen the homes. 

Do I have to put my home on MLS to sell?
No that is totally up to you.  It is a good idea though. 

Can I call the Arizona Department of Real Estate about the MLS?
Well you can call anyone for anything but in this case it will not do you any good.  The AZDRE (Arizona Department of Real Estate) has nothing to do with the Phoenix Arizona MLS.  The MLS is a business that is accessible to Realtors.  Realtors must go through a code of ethics classes and also have to agree to the code of ethics which helps protect the public when purchasing a home.  Just because someone has their real estate license does not mean they are a Realtor. 

Can I only search for investment homes on the MLS?
Every home is an investment, but if this is referring to investor properties you can do a search just looking for the criteria you are looking for.

Is the Phoenix MLS different from the rest of Maricopa county.
No.  Maricopa county is very big, and Phoenix and the surrounding cities are all on one MLS. 

Will I get a better deal by searching the MLS for free, going to a home for sale, calling the sign and writing an offer with the listing agent?
Common mistake!  No a listing agent agrees with the seller for a certain amount of commission and it goes on the market with the total amount.  The selling agent gets some and the buyer agent gets some.  If you buy a house from the listing agent the commission goes to the selling agent unless he or she agrees to take less from the seller.  But if you hear from the listing agent; I can save you money buy the house through me, what they are really saying is; I am going to sell this house to you for more money then if you had an agent and I am going to make more money too. 

Does the Phoenix Arizona MLS play favoritism towards certain agents, like if you pay more you get better placement?
No, everyone pays the same fees and gets the same treatment.  You should not worry about using the MLS is a great Tool. 

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