Private Waterski/Wakeboard site in Abbotsford

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Well it seems my post on private water ski site development really draws a lot of people in so I figured I would let you know that there is a facility in Abbotsford which promotes and offers a great place for you to call your own skiers paradise. It is called the Fraser Valley Water Ski Club other wise known as Albert Dyck Park right near the airport.

With the lake being sunk in about 8-20 feet depending on the water level it provides just about perfect conditions all day, every day. Which for most people that ski is just perfect, you are also welcome to wakeboard however the primary focus is on water skiing. Rightly so because to ski requires much calmer waters to complete an enjoyable set. 

So for more information on FVWSC click here. There is all kinds of information on how to become a member or find out about drop in days. It really is the place to be if you want to ski, ski, ski and learn and be part of a group of other passionate skiers. 

So be sure to go check out Fraser Valley Water Ski Club for your self this summer and join in the action.

Now the real question is for the people who already are excited about having a place to come ski on good water almost all year, how about living on a lake that is of the same quality or better and being able to walk out the back door to the lake.

This is where my mission really begins, by finding out what the interest and motivation is behind the people. They have done this all over the southern states and it seems to me to be a great idea. Only trouble is here in the lower mainland we seem to be locked in with mountains, water and ALR land. But in the event that 50-100 acres or more becomes available I think developing a site for this would be EPIC. 

If you are interested in this please let me know by emailing me at Or visiting

There are a number of variables that we would look at in terms of lake construction, lots to build on, cost, a club boat for each lake or individual owners with there own boats. But if you like the idea and would love to be apart of pioneering the way here in Canada let me know I would love to site around and shoot some ideas back and forth on how we could make this a viable option in the future.



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