Lower Your Property Taxes by Getting a Property Reassessment

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As posted on my website, www.yucaipaproperties.net on April 6, 2009

As some of you may have noticed, it's bee a couple of weeks since my last post on www.yucaipaproperties.net. I'm working on a new blog platform on an outside website that will be directly linked to this website that should be up and running soon. I'm in the process of re-posting my blogs from this website into the new blog platform. I thank you for your patience as I work on the transition.

In the meantime, here's a new blog regarding how to get your property reassessed to lower your property taxes.

Most of us have experienced a sharp decline in our property values over the last couple of years thanks to the so-called "bust" of the real estate market.

One thing that does not normally happen automatically is the reassessment of your property value by the San Bernardino and Riverside County tax assessors other than when you are buying a property.

While property re-assessment is a given when properties are bought and sold, you have to submit a request to have your property reassessed if you feel your property value has declined. 

I submitted such a request to the San Bernardino County Tax Assessor last week through their website. Surprisingly, I received an email from the tax assessor's liason today:

"Hello Mr. Fox,

Your attached Prop 8 - Decline in Market Value Review request has been received. However, your property has been alredy been reassessed. 

The Assessor's Office reviewed approximately 235,000 single-family residences and condominiums for the 2009 assessment roll under the Decline in Market Value provisions.

Any home or condominium acquired or newly constructed after January 1, 2001 was automatically reviewed in addition to any property whose owner or authorized agent requested a review regardless of property type, date of acquisition, or when the new construction was completed. All property that was reduced under this provision for the 2008 assessment roll will be reviewed for possible further adjustment for 2009.

Notices of value changes were mailed out starting May 4, 2009. You should receive your notice within the next week.

The notice will have the appraiser's phone number should you have any
questions or further information for them to consider."

Sheila D. Raines
Special Assistant to
Dennis Draeger, Assistant Assessor

After sending Ms. Raines an email thanking her for the information, she then responded with an email back:

"Many homeowners have e-mailed me to let me know they received their notice already.  Most are happy with their new assessment.  Check your mailbox."

Oh, you can bet on it Sheila.

So you may be receiving a letter from the San Bernardino County Tax Assessor with a new assessed value of your property. If you don't, be sure to contact them for a reassessment.

I would encourage those of you living in Riverside county to contact your tax assessor and see if they are automatically reassessing property values as well. If they aren't, submit a request for them to do so.

One other note: I also received a letter in the mail from a company telling me they can help me ask the county for a reassessment; all for the low, low price of $179.00. Beware, this is a ploy to get your money for something you can do for free through your county's tax assessor office. As stated on the San Bernardino County Tax Assessor's website:

"Various private companies are mailing solicitations to property owners offering their services to file a Decline in Value review request forms with the Assessor's Office for fees ranging from $95 to thousands of dollars. These applications may be filed free of charge directly with the Assessor's Office by the property owner. Property owners may call the San Bernardino County Assessor's Office toll free at (877) 885-7654 or visit our website for more information regarding an online or mail-in Decline in Value application at:
http://www.sbcounty.gov/assessor/Decline.asp "

For more information on free services provided by the San Bernardino County Tax Assessor's Office, click on the link below:


You can reach me with any questions at randy.fox@realestate.com or through my website www.yucaipaproperties.net.

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