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Services for Real Estate Pros with Diverse Real Estate Services

I would like to introduce myself and hope you will consider establishing a profitable relationship with me. My name is Cecil Addison and my company negotiates short sales with Loss Mitigation departments, assist with settlement sales for divorce or probate. If you have any clients whom are considering this an option, call me first!

Why you should call me first:

- Your clients would not be charged for this service - it's free.

- The referral fee is 100% yours. (Once deal closes)

- We understand and respect that my performance can affect your reputation.

- We have the wealth and backing to perform.

- We can close deals. Working on short sales our success rate is well above average.

- We personally inspect properties before making an offer to the bank.


The type of properties that interest me:

- Any properties that require severe rehabilitation.

- Properties that the average homeowner does not want.

- Properties that lenders need to get rid of.

- Foreclosures, probates and other distressed situations.


What happens if you contact me with a property?

- I will make your property a priority and visit the property that same day!

- If I am interested in the property, I will make you an offer the same day!

- When the deal closes, you get the referral fee!

I am very interested in working with you and would like the opportunity to speak with you about deals I can close for your clients and how we can compensate you for the referral of them. Aside from closing the short sales, I also find qualified buyers for them as well. We deal with high and low-end property.

I look forward to doing business with you.

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