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Decluttering and Staging Your Home

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When getting ready to put your home on the market, there are many important factors that can help make a quick and easy sale.  We would like to focus on two very important factors to help you market your home to its fullest potential.

Both the decluttering and staging of a home are very important.  First impressions are what stick in a buyer's mind when they walk into your home.  You want that impression to be that it can easily be their home.  Therefore, removing your personal items is a huge bonus. 

Decluttering and Staging Your HomeThere are many ways to go about decluttering a home.  One of the most convenient and popular ways is the PODS container.  When you're ready to place your home on the market, pack up all your personal belongings and have a PODS container delivered to your home.  You can load it right in your own yard.  The PODS container will then be kept on your property or moved to a different location of your choice.  This eliminates the need for extra packing and unpacking.  If you are moving long-distance, PODS is perfect for that as well.  They will deliver your belongings to your new home in the very same PODS container that you packed at your old home.  You can also use a local storage building if that works better for you.

When you're ready for staging, you can do it yourself or hire a professional stager.  We suggest using a professional.  Many sellers are reluctant to spend the extra money on a professional.  However, study after study shows that the sale of a staged home far outweighs the cost of having it staged.  Professional stagers can turn a cold and lifeless looking property into one that is warm and inviting.

Decluttering your home can reduce the sell time by up to 2 months and staging the home can shorten the sale cycle by 50% and even increase the sale by 17%.  Simply put - decluttered and staged homes sell faster and for more money.

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Thansk Christ for such an great article.I agree with you Christ stagind and de-cluttering are an important  aspect from the point of view of selling your house.I hope that this will help the readers to understand better how important is Staging and De-Cluttering.

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