Improving YOUR Selectability!

Real Estate Sales Representative

So you want that new job, huh? Perhaps you are angling for a promotion. Maybe, you are trying to get a better deal on a home purchase or a car. Could it be that you are striving for more money or recognition.

What about those event tickets your co-worker is giving away?

Hmmm. If there are so many opportunities in any given day, I wonder why you never hear anyone discuss the single most important factor of the selection process?

Perhaps it is not known. Maybe it is misunderstood. I think it is the latter.

I hear so many people talk about being "lucky" they got picked for this or "lucky" to have received such a generous pay raise. I have talked to people that explain that they don't understand why they were either picked or not picked in an interview.

Quite simply. It's ALL about Likeability!

The time has come to understand this dynamic of the selection process...of anything. The stars just don't align for some people while others are constantly followed by an annoying rain cloud. It isn't some metaphysical happening that certain people are seemingly always held in higher esteem then others.

Here is the dilemma for many people. They get frustrated by not being able to get the job they want, promotion, pay, or whatever. When that happens, they get bogged down in mediocrity because they don't understand how to change their situation. It isn't that people strive for mediocrity, it is that they don't know what to do.

Well, it's well past time to kick of the Likeability Revolution.

Likeability IS a LEARNED skill. Some people have the natural ability to be Likeable, but many do not. GOOD NEWS!! It CAN be learned.

If you can learn it, you can do it. If you can do it, then you can improve your situation if desired. If you can improve your situation, you can show someone else how to do the same thing and improve their situation.

It's a circle of success. When you choose to get started, you will forever alter your future for the better. You become a pillar of success by creating your own empire of happiness. Think about it....

If you choose to improve your Likeability and then gain new success, then show others how to do the same thing, how will you be viewed by your circle of influence? Most likely you will be near the top because you have had a direct hand in the success of others.

Do you think this opens the door for new opportunities? Where would you be in the chain of selectability?

You guessed it. At the TOP!

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