Why use Washington Financial for your USDA loans

Mortgage and Lending with Washington Financial Group, Inc

The main key points for why use Washington Financial is;

1. Turn Times

    A. Under 72 hours for a full loan approval

    B. Credit and income approvals without an appraisal

2.  The new Appraisal regulation

     A. I am allowed to use whatever appraiser I choose, that is a big deal in today's market!!

3. Repairs

   A. Up to 10,000 in repairs are acceptable

   B. Appraisal based on improved value

   C. One bid from from a licensed contractor or handyman

   D. Work completion has to be completed within 30 days.

   E. Can do an escrow hold back due to weather conditions.

4. Credit Scores

     A. With 12 months of perfect rent history, paid collections and a score in the high 500's are ok. Verification of rent is acceptable.

Service is the key and that is what you and your client recieves from Washington Financial. We broker to the source on these files, and that makes us different from other lenders!!!

Looking forward to working with you:))




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