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There are a lot of reviews on the web, but I liked this one in particular from diet spot light . com that is seemed general enough in its pro/con scope to be unbiased.  Of course they ruined that by whining about not having appetite suppressants... If you think pills are the way to weight loss and health... "Here's your sign!"


What You Should Know

P90X is a weight loss system created by Beach Body, a company that offers other weight reduction programs such as Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam.

This system claims to get your body from “regular to ripped in just 90 days.”

P90X consists of 12 workout routines (a series of DVDs), a 3-phase nutrition plan, unique supplement options, a fitness guide, a progress calendar and online support. Tony Horton is the “personal trainer” for this specific weight loss program. There is a 100% 90-day satisfaction guarantee offered with P90X.

The key to this program’s effectiveness is stated to be “muscle confusion,” which basically means that numerous exercises are incorporated and encouraged to keep different muscle groups doing different things as much as possible. This way there is no “plateau” effect. Therefore the muscles do not get used to the routines and they continue to develop.

The workout programs are named after the muscle groups that they work out, and these are: Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, Yoga X, Plyometrics, Legs and Back, Kenpo X, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back and Biceps, Core Synergistics, Ab Ripper X, Cardio X and X Stretch. There are success stories posted on the official P90X website.

This fitness program is stated to take one hour each day. A few additional supplies needed for P90X are resistance bands or dumbbells and a pull-up bar/place to perform pull-ups.


Product Features

P90X is a fitness program marketed toward men and women that aims to assist with losing unwanted body weight, toning up and “getting ripped.”

This weight reduction system basically involves a series of DVDs that offer exercise routines, online support and a 3-phase nutritional plan.

P90X is offered through the official website for three monthly installments of $39.95. This fitness program is offered with a 100 percent 90-day satisfaction guarantee. “Muscle confusion” is the primary focus of P90X, which addresses the notion of confusing the muscles with a number of different exercises. This supposedly leads to a stronger, slimmer and more fit physique.

There are no diet pills incorporated with P90X, just a workout routine.



P90X can be easily and conveniently purchased through the official website. Since there are no pills involved, P90X is a one-time expense. P90X is offered with a 100%, 90-day satisfaction guarantee.


There are no appetite suppressants incorporated into the P90X fitness program. P90X would call for a rather drastic lifestyle change, which may not be suitable for all individuals. There are no convenient fat burning supplements offered with the P90X weight loss system. Some individuals may find that P90X is rather pricey since it involves three separate payments of $39.95 (totaling around $120). With P90X it can take 90 days to reach your weight loss goal, which may not be ideal for some dieters, especially compared to faster-working diet supplements currently on the market.

Their Conclusion

All in all, the P90X weight loss program is interesting and quite intriguing in some respects. While it’s positive that the P90X system encourages regular exercise and a leaner diet, it’s tough to tell if this weight reduction program is really right for most individuals. In the end, P90X calls for a pretty heavy lifestyle change; not to mention a fairly high price tag for some users (around $120). If you have found that other exercise routines left you without results, there is no reason to believe that P90X is the answer, and you may want to check out some of the diet supplement alternatives that are out there.


My Preliminary Conclusion

P90x is awesome.  You workout when you can, in the comfort of your own home with a pull up bar, bands, and a yoga mat.  Or you can go to the gym and squeeze onto a sweaty machine between some meatheads.

Ideally, you eat well and workout at your own pace.  Its awesome.


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Dan Callahan
Callahan's Home Inspections - Casper, WY

Buy their program or I could go on the web and find a list of excersises for each major body group, do the excersises regularly, eat only a lean diet (ie, chicken, fish, rice, etc...) and I will lose weight. Can anyone tell me why I need to send these yahoo's $120?

May 11, 2009 07:48 AM
Sean Dreznin
NAI Tampa Bay - Sarasota, FL
Commercial Investment Real Estate Agent


Mostly because some people need different motivation and rigid programs.  If you are disciplined enough to follow-through on the above intentions, then Great Job!

I have worked out in gyms, done sports, yoyo'ed on diets and between eating healthy and unhealthy and this allows me the flexibility of working out on a new fresh program and achieving goals for myself.  Work on building, not tearing down.

Good luck to you.


May 11, 2009 09:57 AM

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