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Today something happened to me that has made me feel physically sick.  I thought I was so aware of how the economy is affecting people.  Well, I was wrong.  It's different when you see something on the news, but when it hits you smack in the face, reality is, it hurts.

I ran into a woman today who used to work at one of our local hospitals--nice job as a customer service rep--loved what she did.  After exchanging niceties, she asked me if she could borrow $10.00.  Before I answered because I was taken back, I asked her to talk to me.  She did.  Actually words just poured out of her mouth. She told me that she had lost her job, her husband was working at Kentucky Fried Chicken, but just got laid off, her rent had not been paid on her mobile home and she didn't know it, until she got a registered letter saying she would have to leave in 30 days.  She has two wonderful dogs too.  She asked her husband why he hadn't paid the rent and he said, he forgot. . .I'm sure that wasn't true. One morning when she got up, she went into the living room and noticed her TV was gone.  When she asked her husband what happened to it, he said he sold it.  She asked well, where's the money?  He said he spent it!  I know this woman is hurting and scared, but I also know that her husband is feeling the same fears although he probably has nobody to talk to.

What is happening to so many people just breaks my heart.  I ask that you think about your life.  Is it as bad as this woman's?  If not, you need to reach out to these people.  They are everywhere, but most are too embarassed to let anyone know.  We all need each other and we need to know that it's okay to tell people you aren't okay.  It's okay to ask for help.  Sure people will say no, but there are people who will say yes.

Look around you.  There are so many people hurting.  Maybe you are one of them.  Reach out to someone who will listen if it's you or reach out to people you meet as they may be hurting.  Most will not open up easily because they are just, like I said, embarassed.  Many are depressed and feel hopeless.  Let those in need know that you care.  Maybe you don't have money to help, but listening will go a long way towards helping people heal.  We aren't miracle workers, but you never know how your words and compassion can possibly be the helping hand someone in need deserves.

Count your blessings and be grateful for what you do have.  There is always someone who is worse off than you and we need to recognize how many people are suffering.

Until my next post, God Bless and reach out to everyone around you.  You never know, that person could be your next door neighbor.

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