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I just responded to a thread below about marketing to the military community. I am located in Charleston SC, which has a strong presence of military, with the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard all having bases here. I have a website specifically set up and targeting military home buyers (and sellers).

This got me to thinking about niche marketing, so I thought I'd post some thoughts and provide a great resource to make this easy.

There is a saying, "The riches are in the niches". While a good idea to target buyers in general, it also can be a good idea to target specific buyers--not many realtors do this. Sure, they target first time buyers, and buyers in certain parts of town, but it can be a good idea to get even more specific. Less competition. too.

For instance, if someone in the Air Force is moving to Charleston, and is looking at real estate websites for more info on buying in Charleston, what site will stand out more, a generic regular real estate website or my site, that is specifically aimed at the military community? My site identifies me as an agent that "specializes in serving military home buyers". I do not know of any other agent in my market that has an entire website dedicated to the military, so it is one more way to seperate myself.

I guess the hardest challenge is creating a new website for a particular niche. Plus, new niches pop up constantly, and other ones fade. Short sales are hot now, but will probably fade in a few years. Trends can be specific to a market. Wouldn't it be great to be able to create a site targeting a specific niche on the fly, so you can start marketing and capturing them right away? If a new idea strikes you to target, wouldn't it be great to be able to have that idea turn into an up and running site generating leads right away?

Thinking up different niches to explore shouldn't be too hard---first time buyers, military buyers, medical professionals, gated/ golf course communities, second home buyers, etc.

Targeting several niches so that you can create multiple streams of leads and revenue shouldn't be too hard to understand.

The biggest obstacle for new agents (and seasoned agents) is finding the time to do all the marketing you need to do--blogging, websites, prospecting, etc. We are in the business to write business, not design websites.

For newbies looking for solutions, here is something that will work wonders for your business---this makes creating niche sites and targeted marketing easy, plus there are many other great benefits--a true one stop marketing system.

If you haven't already looked into Busy Agent Pro, you should check it out. First, they provide unlimited websites--create as many as you can think of! Full websites, one page lead generating sites (Lead Capture Pages), as well as single property sites. This makes creating targeted niche sites a snap. You can add capture forms to any page in any site in order to capture leads.

This system has a lot of bonuses--it is a community of professionals sharing ideas on marketing, as well as offering help to each other (much like the AR community).

BAP also offers a blogging platform (multiple platforms, actually), marketing campaigns ready to go right out of the box, autoresponders so you can create drip email campaigns that send out anywhere from one to one thousand emails (they also have drip campaigns ready to go, so you don't have to write them yourself), contact manager to keep all your prospects organized in one place, as well as top notch seo.

They have pre written blog posts that contain keywords to target your real estate market--you can blog multiple posts in just a few minutes! Plus, you own your market--BAP offers exclusive markets, which means that you will be the only real estate agent in that market that is with BAP--so all the pre written blog posts and seo juice will be just for you in your market!

In addition to the flexibility of the websites to help you target particular niches, there is one cool feature to further help you go deep with a niche--you can add contact forms at the bottom of your blog posts so you can capture prospects from your blog post--they do not have to click through to your website! One less step between you and the lead, I don't know of any other system out there that can do that.

One last note--BAP is only $67/month. You can try it for 30 days, with a money back guarantee. There are no contracts to sign. Here is a link to learn more--www.getbap.com. (Every thursday at 1 pm EST the owners do a live video webinar to walk through the system)

I have been a long time member of BAP, and can attest that it is the best thing out there for realtors of any level--beginners to long time vets.

Whether you use BAP or not, targeting specific niches is a good idea. Especially multiple niches--if one isn't hitting to good, you have others to rely on. Simply put, diversification. BAP isn't necessary to do niche marketing, but it makes it a heck of a lot easier. It does take effort (what doesn't), but it will help you work more in your business than on your business.

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