Single Transferable Voting in BC

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On May 12th, 2009 British Columbians are being asked to vote for or against changing our provincial voting system from our traditional first across the line wins all to a system called STV(Single Transferable Vote)


I was confused about the voting process until I found this animation on CBC that does a good job of explaining how the vote would work.  


Proponents of this change are rallying around the call of fairness because everybody gets to cast a vote that counts. What they don't shout from the roofs is that your vote will only count if you cast a second or third choice. If your choice is not elected and the other choices are repugnant to you your vote will not count. 

STV does more than changing the way we vote as our local representation will be drastically changed. Rather than a local riding with one representative we will have three representatives with divergent interest.

In my riding of Abbotsford I could end up being represented by Conservative, NDP and Marijuana politicians. Can you imagine getting those three getting together to represent my interests. 

What a mess.

The older I get the more I like simple.

Don't let the proponents of STV make our lifes more complicated.

Vote NO NO NO on May 12 to STV

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Terry Chenier
Homelife Glenayre Realty - Mission, BC

Bob, Well, I'm glad that bloody thing got defeated; would have been a disaster.

May 15, 2009 05:21 PM