here is a very inexpensive way to advertise on the net

Mortgage and Lending with Charter One Bank

This companys goal is to build loyalty within communites so that local consumers take advantage of businesses involved with local ad link.  go to   there you will see local businesses. For $50 per month you can sign up and be shown as one of the " featured businesses ". You would reserve 3 area codes for $50 per month. Ten area codes for $100 per month. and fifty area codes for $200 per month. There is no longterm contract if you don't like it you get out.  They have a special promotion that lasts till midnight Saturday the 9th of May. You can get in as what they call a " brand builder" for $148. This will get you $1000 in free ad coupons. This would really be the way to get in.  This company is growing fast. I think it would be worth a try. If you go to and you don't see any "featured businesses, well thats a good sign . It means you would be the first one in.  IF you would like to advertise , go to  and hit join now. You can also watch a few intro videos from there.   Tony Felbab  

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