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Mercury Retrograde?

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Does anyone else out there know what Mercury Retrograde is?  It happens about three times a year and it lasts for about three weeks.  It seems like I always find out when this is happening and I wonder if this makes a difference in my perception of what is happening. 

Basically Mercury, the planet of communications and trasportation looks like it is traveling backwards in the sky.  It even gives off a different color from our perception. During this time all communication and transportation seems to have real hiccups.  Basically, its life's way of saying - "Haha! Thought you were in control? Now I'm going to let you see what it means to review and recoperate and re-do things you thought were done.  Many people won't sign contracts during this time because they feel that they will have to go back and re-do the agreement at some point. 

Today, our internet server has been making any work on the computer and email extremely slow.  I've had to fax and re-fax and reschedule way too many things today! My cell phone has been acting up where I can't answer a call when I'm on one already. I'm just waiting to see what else is going to happen...!!! Oh, of course I've had clients be inches away from purchasing a home and then at the last minute decide to reneg on their offer. 

Mercury, oh Mercury.  You crazy little jokester! 

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Susan Manning

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