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Dear Super Smart Real Estate Investor,

As you know, many people are looking to real estate investing as the way to make a quick profit in this buyers market by buying a house cheap, fixing it up and re-selling it for more. When you can buy at house at half price and then sell it for a $20K to $100K profit, it's the fastest way to accumulate wealth. And thanks to the popularity of many do-it-yourself and real estate flipping shows, there are many new investors wanting to get in on the game.

And there is a good reason too... many people can make as much on one house deal than they earn in a whole year at their job. Many real estate investors have been able to kiss their day job goodbye because their profits from real estate far exceeds the income from their jobs.

But there is one problem... with all the competition out there and changing economic conditions, it's tough for new investors to find good, money making house deals and get them closed. So what's the solution???

Our Atlanta Area Real Estate Investor Bus Tour where you can learn while you earn!

If you're looking for deals with huge profits, listen to our webinar on our Atlanta Area Bus Tour on June 13th (only $199/seat) where we are going to introduce you to the most efficient way on the planet to buy bank owned properties! That's right! I've asked my good friend, teacher and fellow real estate investor Peter "Captain Pete" Gauthier to join me in Atlanta and host an Investor Bus Tour where we take our 40 lucky buyers out to see 7-9 super bargain properties. Pete has been doing bus tours with great success for years in Baltimore and is now going to do the same here in Atlanta!

We did a Special webinar on the Atlanta Investor Bus Tour on June 13th & 14th, Atlanta, GA.
Listen to the Webinar now to learn more!

The Atlanta Area Bus Tour provides properties needing various degrees of repair. Each of these fixer uppers is being sold well below market value and will have a very low starting bid. Each property on the tour will be sold to the highest bidder on the bus by a sealed bid. Our goal is to give our investors the chance to purchase some rare gems of fixer upper properties that can help them on their way to building some serious wealth in real estate.

Again, please view our webinar on the Webinar on May 12th at 7PM ET or go ahead and Register for the Atlanta Investor Bus Tour Now! We only have 40 seats available on the bus and at $199/seat, they will go fast!

Dustin Griffin With Much Appreciation,
Dustin Griffin

P.S. There is more! Robyn "The Queen of Rehabs" Thompson will be doing a special live training event for all Investor Bus Tour attendees on Sunday, June 14th. Register for the webinar to learn more!

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