New Listings vs SOLD - Naples Market Report

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We are finally under 10,000 active listings in Naples current total as of May 8th 2009 is 9,784 listings. What you might find interesting is how those listings break down.

  • 81.5% of all listings are Regular Deals (though we know probably half of those listings are over priced)
  • 16% of all listings are Potential Short Sales
  • 2.5% are REO’s Bank Owned Properties (I thought that number would be higher)

I’m sure all of you have felt the market has changed for the better since March 2009 a lot of multiple offers going on out there making it harder to secure the deal. Here’s some stats that show just exactly what’s been going on since the beginning of 2009.

  • January had 4,131 new listings and 541 sold that’s 13%
  • February had 3,266 new listings and 625 sold that’s 19%
  • March had 3,705 new listings and 904 sold that’s 24%
  • April had 2,920 new listings and 970 sold that’s 33%

FYI- so far these first 8 days in May has shown no slow down currently 972 new listings and 299 sold that’s 31%

2nd FYI- To put the under 10,000 listings in perspective Naples was as high as 15,000 listings just over 18 months ago.

P.S. Keep doing what you have to do to get that next sale and Happy Mother’s Day to all MOMS!!!

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