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***Way To Go 8K Tax Credit***

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     I was recently on a listing presentation here in Upstate NY...As we were wrapping up the presentation we were again talking about their goals for the future and what...ideally they would like to see happen...The sellers were wavering back and fourth about what the market suggests the value of thier home was worth...In their mind they were taking a hit (which from 3yrs ago they quite possibly were)They thought there house was worth $20K more...

     At this moment scripts and my experience would tell me to break into the typical dialougue of...In this market the precieve hit that you are going to take on the sale of your home you will make up in the purchase of your next home....which is true, but I also spoke to them about...The interest rates and the 8K First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit...The clock is ticking on this tax credit...

    We have about 3 more months of action that could be directly correlated to the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit left...It was at that point in time their eyes lit up and they realized... That what they thought the market value was for their home and what the market really suggested is, two different things, but in their mind there were more advantages than disadvantages to there situation and listing their home.

    Needless to say I walked out of there with a signed listing agreement...Thank You "First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit" 

J. Smith

This post if filled with spelling errors and typos-completely unprofessional! I would not take any home buying advice from this guy-he cannot even spell!

Oct 26, 2009 08:08 AM

I thought the tax credit was for FIRST TIME Buyers...your post says they deciding to list their property, but you convinced them to list with you because of the credit. Are they even eligible? It sounds like you are just trying to make a quick buck and you would say anything for a signed contract.

Oct 28, 2009 06:15 AM