Dryer Vent Cleaning Technician in Fresno, CA Explains the Anatomy of a Clothes Dryer Fire

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Most people have their furnaces cleaned regularly because they are concerned for the safety of their family; sadly, few think of their clothes dryer as a safety threat


Fresno, CA - Jon Perry, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Central California was recently interviewed.  He expressed his feelings after a recent clothes dryer fire was reported.  "Thankfully no one was injured." said Jon, "Sadly; the home was completely destroyed so the family lost everything.  This could have easily been prevented with a good dryer vent cleaning.  Most people do not realize that their clothes dryer is more likely to start a fire than any other appliance in their home."


When asked how so much lint could get into the dryer ducts, Jon explained, "Only about 60 percent of the lint that is removed from laundry is caught in the screen.  Some makes it to the dryer duct system or accumulates around the dryer drum, motor, heating element and behind the dryer.  As the moist lint sticks to the inside of the dryer duct, it attracts more lint that eventually builds up."


The next question was "So how does this start a fire?"  Jon explained, "A clothes dryer fire occurs when lint builds up to the point of restricting air-flow, the heat cannot escape the drum, the entire system overheats and eventually causes a fire.  Lint is combustible; therefore, fuel for a fire to spread rapidly."


Jon went on to explain other causes of clothes dryer fires, including the dryer duct and vent materials not meeting today's safety codes, or improper installation.  "Short straight vents that are smooth inside and made of semi-rigid metal are the best.  Bends and turns can hinder the air-flow.  The best way to be sure your dryer vent system is fire safe and energy efficient is to order a professional inspection."


Jon Perry is the owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, a dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation specialist who serves consumers in Central California.   Jon is committed to preventing fires in his community as he takes the time to educate his customer on dryer vent cleaning and maintenance to prevent fires and save energy.  Jon provides more information and tips at http://dryerventcleaningfresno.blogspot.com/

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