Dads PAY Attention!

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Today is a special day that we set aside to honor & recognize all mothers all over the countryside. 

It's funny, how we select a DAY to recognize people and events that are important in out lives.  It's almost as if the other 364 DAYS in the year we wait for that Special Day to come IN ANTICIPATION OF IT!

Let us never forget, that if it were not for MOMS, NO ONE of us would be here!!!


We would'nt have comfort food, someone to hug us when we hurt, no one to feed us when we are hungry, no one to tell us we are fine when we don't feel so fine.  A MOM keeps everyone and everything in the house  your MOST-est Special Place to be in the World!!!!!, she's the nurse when everyone is sick, she finds all that is lost, she makes everything all better no matter how bad it seems.

No matter what, Mom is always there to nurture, to love, to listen, to scold, to kiss and to hug.

Mothers definitely deserve a lifetime of recognition, honor and love for their Unconditional Love and for bringing all of us into this world.

I say when we pray to God, we should be PRAYING TO MOM.



                                                      HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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