Virtual vs Brick & Mortar - Let the DEBATE begin or continue!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Vision Real Estate

Ok... I really need your help!  My wife and I have been apart of both models, virtual (Connect Realty) - Brick & Mortar (RE/MAX), currently independent or boutique... hugh, maybe I'm not sure of the current model we co-founded.



Anyway, I have been apart of both and have read or frankly been involved myself in some debates of my own on which model really is the best for the AGENT and the BROKER.

Designated Brokers your opinion is frankly more important to us than AGENTS, since your the owns whom typically do not way in on the discussions... or debates! 

Now, I'm not looking for recruiting messages from both sides, I'm rather asking you to answer the following questions and provide your opinion on the matter.  Should be easy as we (real estate professionals) are typically very opinionated and for this project that's a good thing!


Here are the questions:


  1. Virtual or Brick & Mortar.  Why or maybe hybrid?
  2. What Commission Split or Compensation Plan?  Why? 
  3. Fees or NO Fees?
  4. Is Training & Support a must?
  5. Is Technology & Tools a must?
  6. Agents, what do you expect from your Broker?
  7. Brokers, should agents be more accountable even though they are commissioned?
  8. Would you be willing to work hourly and receive commission bonuses based on performance?



All of your feedback and insight is greatly appreciated.  I would like to encourage more of a forum style discussion than random comments.  So if you are going to chime in be sure you are able to chime back as warranted.

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