May is Deck Safety Awareness Month in Virginia

Real Estate Sales Representative with The Real Estate Group

May is Deck Safety month for the state of Virginia.  Decks and balconies need to be inspected regularly.  Hundreds of people are injured each year as a result of a deck failure, a quick inspection can prevent these injuries.  Below are five things to check for.

  1. Check support posts and beams for rot, splitting, and abnormal movement.
  2. Closely check the attachments points between the deck and the house.
  3. Check all fasteners, bolts, brackets, etc. for rust and corrosion, especially if the deck is near water.
  4. Check all guards and rails to be sure they are sturdy and secured.
  5. When grilling on the deck, using an outdoor heater or fire pit, make sure you follow the manufacturer's directions for use.

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