Why having the correct info is important with the new tax credits!

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If you live in California and want to take advantage of the latest tax credits you can do pretty well right now...if you hurry...The money for the tax credits is already close to being half gone!

Get the facts on what is being offered on your potential tax credit and how it will impact you if you decide to buy now or soon...once the money is gone....it's gone...

Beware of any advertisements that say "the government will mail you a check for $8,000" when you purchase a home from me!! Once such local advertisement I recently heard!! I couldn't believe my ears when the person said "buy a home from me now and the government will mail you a check for $8,000!".....I can hear the attorneys right now jockeying for position....that should be a pretty simple case....owch.....Who will be the first to take this person up on this claim?? Time will tell.....perhaps we will hear another ad with a disclaimer?? Probably not....

Don't believe EVERYTHING you hear....do your own research and homework!! Even Realtor's make mistakes....in this case it was Quite Obvious!

The Government will not mail ANYONE a check for $8,000....no one...ziltch...notta....it is a tax credit not a check in the mail!!! The credit is broken down and you can not get it all in the first year!!! SOOOO do your homework.....


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