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10 FREE Ways to Promote your Website!

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...in my ongoing series we will investigate another 10 ways to drive traffic and promote your website or blog.

1) Use Longtail Keywords - it is much easier to get target niches and get traffic than compete for single word keywords. An example of this:

Homes                                         1,831,207
Lake Homes                                    265,745
Florida Lake Homes                            33,210
New Florida Lake Homes                        1,826

This is just an example but it demonstrates how it will be much easier to rank for Florida Lake Homes and New Florida Lake Homes than Homes. In fact, you will hard pressed to rank for a single keyword because the big corporations are spending thousands of dollars to target these.

2) Submit Articles to Go Articles - this is another well known article website.

3) Use a Language Translator- try Google Gadgets.

4) Get a quality Web Hosting Service - I recommend Host Gator or Blue Host. Whatever service you choose it's important to have the capability to handle the massive incoming traffic that social bookmarking can drive to your site. Slow service will hinder not only your traffic but the bots searching your site. 

5) Use two Targeted Keywords in your Text - when you post an article 2 targeted keywords in your body is fine. Too many keywords will make your article look like spam to the search engines.

6) Get Edu and Gov links - these links are normally more respected than Com sites because they produce quality content and have built up thousand of links.

7) Submit your Site to Google Webmaster Tools and verify it. Check for broken or dead links and use 301 redirect to send them to the proper page.

8) Submit Content to Reddit - this social bookmarking site as well as others can generate massive amounts of traffic in a short period of time.

9) Add your Lake or Mountain Listings to Lakezilla and MountainZilla - if no one is advertising in your area on these sites use Coupon Code "HOUSE" and you can advertise for FREEas many listiings as you like!

10) Upload a favicon.gif File - to help brand your site.

These a tips in a continuing series on how to promote your website.

Paul McParland


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