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Green is good.

Victoria Wells is "Green Value Added" real estate professional with additional Eco-Broker Certified® training on the energy and environmental issues that effect real estate transactions. GoinGreenMarin offers tremendous green resources available in the market for the consumer, as part of the service commitment. We can help you identify and make sense of these invaluable green opportunities.  

Victoria is passionate and dedicated to the sustainability movement. When you work with Victoria on purchasing your new home, she'll dedicate part of her commission toward making GREEN improvements in your new home within a year. Also ask Victoria about IRS Code 25C, a government tax credit to "green" your home.

How energy efficient is your home? Is your home costing you more $$$ to maintain? Are your appliances energy rated? What is you green footprint on this Earth?

Are you looking to save energy and save money? Considering ways to make your kitchen more eco-friendly? Think there may be a way to lower the impact of your lawn? There are many ways to create your dream green home. Just click on the area of your home below for great green home improvement recommendations. Or are you interested in learning more about the various green alternatives available to you?

Save money, save the Earth!  How efficient are front-load washing machine? When is the time to replace your old refrigerator? These questions and many more are answered in the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, a one-stop resource for consumers who want to improve their home's energy performance and reduce costs.

To request your complimentary copy, please contact:

Victoria Wells, Eco Broker,

415-710-4090 or email your request to:

GoGreenMarin with Victoria!

Check out these great Green Resources Sites on this page.



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