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There have been some disappointing and unexpected actions taken by commercial lenders in response to recent financial events.

This changing environment for business finance funding is likely to produce several new problems for commercial borrowers.

The working capital finance industry has primarily been operating on a regional and local basis for many years.

In response to cost-cutting that has affected many industries, there has been a consolidation that has resulted in fewer effective commercial lenders throughout the country.

Most business owners have been understandably confused about what this might mean for the future of their commercial financing efforts, especially because this has happened in a relatively short period of time.

Of course, for some time there have been ongoing complex problems for commercial borrowers to avoid when seeking commercial loans.

But what has produced a new set of business finance funding problems is that we appear to be entering a period which will be characterized by even more uncertainties in the economy.

Previous rules and standards for commercial financing and working capital finance are likely to change quickly, with little advance notice by business lenders.

Business owners should make an extended effort to understand what is happening and what to do about it, due to this realization that substantial changes are likely throughout the United States in the near future for commercial finance funding.

This is where you can take advantage of your relationship with US Lending Centre and help fill in the gap left by the banks to help your borrower and at the same time earn an attractive income.

Below are our latest products that you can put to use now:

  • Construction of hospitality, multi family (student housing is OK), assisted living, and mixed use properties.
  • Purchase and rate/term of the above properties.

If you would like to find out if we can place your loan, contact one of our highly qualified loan specialists to receive the necessary forms and to discuss the your scenario.


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