Lake Norman Real Estate;God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy

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Are you a Country Music Fan.

If so, you probably know the song 'God Is Great, Beer is Good and Poeple of Crazy'  and it made you smile. 

I have two stories I want to share that made me think of this song!

First, I was working with a client on a home on Lake Norman that is listed with an agent but is a foreclosure. It is a great deal! I showed it to the husband and wife and then a second time to Friends, Grandmoms, dads, kids etc.

Also, I lined up a representative from Duke Power to come and assess being able to add a dock extending from an existing pier. I also worked with the HOA to determine some cosmetic things they wanted to do.

In the meantime, I verified the viability of my clients getting a loan. Since they own a home that is  paid for, they assured me their lender had given them some options.

A day after the second showing, they asked to see some comps in the area to make sure of the decision. I certainly accommodated this request and we went on to look at 8 more homes.

As we were finishing up, I was informed that their lender was now advising them to sell first. OK, so being professional, I certainly don't want to put them in a losing situation or one they are uncomfortable.

So, as we are riding home, I was told that they were going to have a couple of open houses and try to get the homes sold without an agent 'to save money' and by the way, 'Would I mind coming over to help assess the home and verify my thoughts on price' WOW, well again, being a professional I helped them out. After-all even in the fantastic Lake Norman market, I know, they will be calling for help.

However, I left that day singing ...'God is Great, Beer is Good, People are crazy'.

Second, I went to watch a middle school soccer game (6-8 grade) where my daughter is the coach. Since it was the middle school championship, I thought I would support her and the kids. There was a Dad (surprise surprise) yelling derogatory things to the kids on my daughters team. Mind you, not yelling encouragement to his kids but putting down 6th,7th and 8th graders about their ability. One of the better players on the my daughters team asked to go talk to her dad but instead asked this man to please stop saying those hurtful things to her teammates.

After the game, this same man got in my daughters face about her control of her kids and knowing where the were. I sat back and watched, with pride, as the parents of my daughters players rallied to her defense.

Come on people it's youth soccer!

God is Great, Beer is Good and People are crazy!

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Maureen McCabe
HER Realtors - Columbus, OH
Columbus Ohio Real Estate

I am not really much of a country music fan but I loved your headline and the stories.

"God is Great, Beer is Good and People are crazy!"  Wow....

May 12, 2009 06:17 AM