Is your Mechanic Trustworthy????

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With the crummy economy and many people out of work, chances are you’re not in the market for a brand new car. High car costs, along with astronomical gas prices, are keeping folks away from the dealerships and looking to salvage their old jalopies. Getting a few more miles out of your current clunker will require you to make a few visits to your local mechanic.

Because so many people are skeptical of mechanics and distrusting of their truthfulness, we have provided you with a quick guide to weed out the bad ones and take advantage of the good.

Get referrals. Learning about mechanics through your friends and family is possibly the best way to land a good one. There is nobody I trust more than the people I love and if they tell me their mechanic does good work at reasonable prices, I believe them.

Ask for references. You don’t even need to contact the references that the shop owners or employee provides you with. Chances are, you will find out everything you need to know with how he responds to your asking. So ask, and see how he reacts. A good shop will love to provide you with references.

Use certified techs. Instead of focusing on the outdated magazines and the black and white television in the waiting area, look for signs or reputability. For example, choose mechanics that have certain certifications and approvals.

Demand an explanation of what was performed. You have the right to know what you’re paying for. Ask the mechanic what you paid all that money for. And if you don’t understand the explanation, make him help you understand.

Make sure the repairs are done by book. There are resources online available to anybody who would like to double-check the accuracy of their estimate. Make sure you’re not getting ripped off. Get online.

Make them stand behind their work. If your mechanic doesn’t guarantee that his work will hold up, don’t use him. Visit shops that have good warranties.

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