Love those slate roofs in Norfolk!

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Living in Norfolk, you have probably seen a lot of slate around up on the roof tops. I think this is another beautiful  perk of our area.  It is a perk that roofs can be beautiful architecturally as well as serving a functional purpose.

slateroof Love those slate roofs in Norfolk!

Slate is a natural product that has been used for hundreds of years. Although slate quarrying was not common in the US until the latter half of the 19th century, slate has been found during an archaeological excavation in our backyard in Jamestown ! The slate located is dated from 1625-1660!  This slate was probably imported from North Wales. the U.S. slate industry reached it's peak for quality and output from 1897-1914. Most of the slate we see here is from that time period.  

Slate comes in many colors ranging from gray,black, brick red and shades of green. In Virginia we have the deep blue/black variety. Most of our slate in Norfolk has the high sheen in it due to the high mica content. Lately slate has been imported from overseas (China, Africa)  for new projects . Our friends on the West Coast are now desiring the slate look for their new construction. We are such trendsetters on the East Coast!  

slateclose Love those slate roofs in Norfolk!

Many slate roofs in the Norfolk area have been lasting up to 175 years!  Due to weather and erosion some may need repair attention especially around the cleavage planes. We at Sunset Home Repair believe that slate is beautiful and should it be deteriorating it can be repaired  to maintain the character of the house.

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