Covington used to be Kent WA

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Several years ago Covington WA was Kent WA. Covington was a small town with not much there, one of those don't blink areas of Kent WA. Well that was then.

Covington is now a major shopping area! There is a WalMart, Costco, Home Depot, Fred Meyer, Kohls and all the amenities that go with shopping such as fast food and a variety of services.

As far as the housing community goes there used to be small ramblers on large lots surrounded by tall trees. Now there is everything from apartments to larger homes on small lots with no trees.

Covington sits between Kent and Maple Valley. All three towns have distinct personalities but Covington is still forming, still about a 7 year old, not fully mature.

The nice thing about Covington is most everthing is new! The bad thing is the old stuff isn't being maintained.

I like Covington. Its compact, has lots of shopping down one main street and the housing is everywhere else. There's still a sense of small community, no big city stuff going on yet. Even though Covington used to be Kent WA its trying very hard to establish its own identity.

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