Moisture begets Mold

Services for Real Estate Pros with Rivercrest Restoration

This is a friendly reminder that moisture is the reason mold grows!  Simple enough?

Now let me tell you why I say this...

The rainy season is just now firing up in St. Louis and basements all over the city will undoubtedly begin to leak.  Some will attempt the clean up / dry out themselves.  Some will be successful and some will not.  Those who were unsuccessful at truly and thoroughly drying their home will be in need of mold remediation soon.

Mold remediation is many times destructive and very intrusive, not to mention the potential adverse health effects.  Sure, having water in your basement is intrusive enough, but having mold is worse.  This is all the more reason to call professionals to properly dry the structure, to avoid the possibility of mold problems.

The good news is that Rivercrest Restoration offers both services with professional quality.  I strongly recommend that you call Rivercrest at the first sign of moisture intrusion in your basement.  It could mean the difference between spending $1,000 or spending $5,000. 


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