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I have been using the default responses to maximize my time in Vision. One of my favorite things to offer new prospects that sign on is the addresses of home listings. This gives me a chance to offer something in an attempt to build a personal relationship. However, I just realized today that the default response that I have been sending out has a typo, or at least sounds odd. This is something that Vision should take a look at correcting.

Here is the default response.

Addresses of Home Listings

"I have activated your account to be able to view all the addresses of homes for sale in the MLS. From now on, just go back to my site http://www.servingbellinghamrealestate.com/, sign in, and the addresses will appear at the top of the home details.

When you're ready, please call me to let me know you want to go out and visit any homes that catch your eye."


The last sentence sounds really awkward to me. Maybe if it said... "When you're ready, please call me to let me know that you would like to take a look at a couple of these homes." There is just something about that last sentence that doesn't sound right to me.



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Jennifer Lew
DocuSign, Inc. - Seattle, WA

Hi Ryan, thanks for the feedback. The default responses are written in such a way that they shouldn't sound like templates, even though they are. But I agree with you - that line could be worded differently. I'll pass that along to our tech team and see what they can do. Thanks!

May 13, 2009 10:45 AM