Covington/Kent WA Private Airpark

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Did you know there is a private air field in Covington/Kent WA? Its a unique community call Crest Airpark.

Crest Airpark is a place where you can live with your aircraft or you can learn to fly. Here is a link to a "Learn to Fly" video I've always wanted to fly, I have friends who fly, clients who fly & relatives who fly

Some of the homes at Crest Airpark have hangars bigger than the houses! Again we have older, newer, remodeled & not-so-well-maintained homes here. There is something for everyone at Crest Airpark.

Yes, you'll have to hear the buzz of private aircraft taking off and landing but like any specialized community the people who live there enjoy the sound. Golfers enjoy the klinking, horse owners enjoy the nickering.

Here are 4 examples of what you can find at the Covington/Kent WA Private Airpark know as Crest Airpark.

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