Long & Foster Announces Job Loss Protection

Services for Real Estate Pros with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

Here is a list of all my Twitter Posts for Long & Foster Job Loss Protection.  


<!--StartFragment-->Twitter 1– Long & Foster has just added “Job Loss Protection for our Sellers.  Learn more at http://intranet.longandfoster.com/agentplan/

Twitter 2 –
Buy Confident.  Long & Foster makes available “Job Loss Protection.  Learn more at http://intranet.longandfoster.com/agentplan/

Twitter 3 – Long & Foster Agents, do you know we have Job Loss Protection for your listings?  Learn more at

Twitter 4 – At Long & Foster we want you to
Buy Confident.  Learn more about our programs at http://intranet.longandfoster.com/agentplan

Twitter 5 – Job Loss Protection is now available for Long & Foster Listings.  Want to know more?  

Twitter 6 – Selling your home?  Long & Foster
makes available Job Loss Protection.  Ask your Long & Foster agent or visit http://www.longandfoster.com/jobprotect

Twitter 7 – Everyone needs
peace of mind.  Ask Long & Foster about our new Job Loss Protection Program.  Visit http://www.longandfoster.com/jobprotect

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