Buying local insurance supports your community

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Do-it-yourself insurance, from an online site or through an 800 number, takes money from your community and can cost you more than you realize.

When you count on known professionals, they handle corrections, photos, cancellations, binders, changes, ID cards, follow-up documents, etc. and are your advocates in a claim. You have the support of a neighbor who provides jobs, volunteers and supports local organizations, and pays local taxes. If you send your premiums elsewhere, you get service people operating somewhere in the world, earning an hourly wage, no matter what they do for you - or to you - and your policy costs the same with or without the added value of an agent.

To protect the public, Arizona holds insurance providers to high standards of licensing and continuing education at great costs to the providers. Consumers are allowed to make uninformed decisions and mistakes, with no one to blame but yourself if you don't have the coverage you needed in a claim.
Insurance requires training, advice, a proper fit and care. It is not a commodity. On behalf of myself and other insurance agents, please think twice before sending business away from the people who care for you and your family, and please buy local.

Cindy L Webb


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