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As of November 1, 2008 the population for the City of Frisco is estimated at 101,867. Our median age is 31.7 years. The median household income is $93,478 and 58% of our population, 25 years or older have a Bachelors Degree or Higher.

Source: City of Frisco, Planning Department

Historic & Projected Population, 1910-2030, City of Frisco, Texas


Source: Planning & Development Services, 2006 Zoning & Development Report posted under "What's New".

Annual Residential Population Projections, 2005-2025, City of Frisco

annual projection table for website.JPG

Source: Planning & Development Services, based on 13.4% average annual compunded growth rate since 1980, consistent with scenario C outlined within the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Strategy, Chapter 4, p. 4.19. 

*Build-out is expected between 2020 and 2025 provided there is no significant downturn in the regional or national economy. The type of housing that is built,determined at the time of zoning, determines the ultimate population capacity.  After build out, the residential population is expected to fluctuate modestly, plus or minus about 5% of the total.




Data on General (Age, Race, Household), Social, Economic and Housing Characteristics of Frisco is available at the U.S. Census Bureau website at

Click here to go to the Census 2000 Demographic Profile for Frisco.
Click here for the 2006 American Community Survey Data Profile.

Population, Housing and Employment estimates and Development Monitoring for the City of Frisco are available at the North Central Texas Council of Governments website at

Click here for the Frisco Demographics page maintained by NCTCOG.


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